Who Are We?

Dogs of War Outdoors is a community of veterans and first responders that share both a passion for the outdoors and the preservation and security of society. Our careers and past experiences present challenges that can be opposed by camaraderie and the tranquility of the outdoors. We offer both. Dogs of War is not just an all veteran community. Although many of our brothers and sisters have experienced a far more violent life in the sandbox combating those that hate our great nation, our police and first responders fight a different war right here at home. From a "routine" traffic stop that ends in shots fired to the observation of a young one that lost his/her chance at life due to the reckless decision of an intoxicated driver, the outdoors provides serenity and allows many to escape those visions that will be forever engrained in their memory.


Because we all experience a different kind of war, we suffer the various intellectual consequences that much of the population fails to recognize. The outdoors have helped many of us cope although some do not have as great of an opportunity to engage. As a community of veterans and first responders, we hope to alleviate that by reaching out to one another. The ultimate goal is to lend a hand to our brothers and sisters by coming together in the outdoors. Furthermore, we want to be there for the children of the nation, many of whom are fighting battles of their own. Whether that be a hunting/fishing trip or just a camp fire and recollection of good times, it could be the one moment in a brother's or sister's life that helps them to realize they do have a family. More police officers are killed by their own hand every year than at the hands of criminals.


An average of 22 veterans kill themselves each day as a result of declination in mental health, the belief they have no one to reach out to, or both. Moreover, more first responders die each year by their own hand as compared to line of duty deaths. Not all of us are mental health professionals by degree. We can't prescribe medication to help with the pain. We can't diagnose a mental illness. But we are the only ones that understand exactly what our brother or sister is going through. Someone can earn a PhD in psychology from the most prestigious university in the world but unless they have experienced the turmoil of war or attempted to suppress the savagery created as a result of that war, they will never have the ability to offer the treatment that is required. We have the ability save the life of a fellow warrior or change the life of a young child through community outreach, both via the utilization of Mother Nature. If you are a veteran or first responder, do not hesitate to join our group at Dogs of War Outdoors. Twenty-two per day...you and I are the cure.