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Want To Grow Large Bucks?

Allow An Educated Redneck From the Hills of Tennessee Explain How...

Growing large bucks is a science and there are specific minerals that deer need to maximize antler growth. When we developed NUTKASE™, we referenced multiple empirical studies and was calculated in the selection of our ingredients.


According to a University of Georgia study, there are 11 essential nutrients and minerals that must be present for deer to maximize antler growth. In the event these minerals are not present, antler size is diminished.


Unlike other game attractants, NUTKASE™ provides all 11 of those nutrients and minerals in the form of a potent and concentrated food source. We do not include preservatives, nor do we include powdered supplements like the overwhelming majority of attractants on the market.


Every single ingredient found in NUTKASEis obtained from trees and plants that grow naturally in north America. It’s important that you discard all of the bull shit created by corporations if you want to have a healthy deer herd. Let me explain to you how this works...


Large corporations are the entities producing your game attractants and many of those attractants are full of by-products (crop harvest waste), flavored powder, salt, and/or sugar.


Those corporations must make enough money from that product to ensure they can afford the salaries of individuals who have little or no qualifications relevant to growing large bucks. Their only goal is to make money at the expense of your desire to increase antler size.


As a result, they dilute the product with garbage, such as what I mentioned above, and sell you an unhealthy product that hinders growth due to the toxicity to the herd. If you want to both attract and grow your herd, you must invest in a product that is backed by university studies. NUTKASE provides just that.


Every ingredient in our product was carefully selected to ensure your herd receives those required nutrients and minerals while attracting not only deer, but other game animals as well, such as turkey.

Salt, Sugar, By-Products, and Flavored Powder...

You read that correctly. The majority of game attractants on the market offer salt, sugar, by-products, and/or flavored powder, none of which are healthy for animals in excess.


Many promise to increase antler size but lack the necessary nutrients to fulfill the claim. Simply including large amounts of harvest left-overs (by-products), phosphorous, and calcium in a product will not maximize the potential for antler growth.


Products must include other necessary minerals to succeed and they do not provide that. Moreover, minerals that are stuffed into a bag of salt are difficult for the Cervidea (deer) family to digest and absorb into their bodies.

Scientific Research Behind Antler Growth

Early growth in antlers requires a substantial amount of protein accompanied by various minerals. Without supplements, most deer will not ingest the appropriate amount of protein or minerals, which ultimately prevents them from reaching their full potential.


According to research, antlers are comprised of primarily calcium (19%) and phosphorous (10%). Moreover, in a recent study conducted by the University of Georgia it was discovered that there are a minimum of 11 minerals found within deer antlers. Only one supplement on the market offers all 11...NUTKASE!


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What Sets NUTKASE™ Apart?

We researched the ingredients to some of the most common brands of deer mineral and attractants on the market and this is what we found.

1. Most made it difficult or impossible to find their ingredients due to unhealthy additives accompanied by the lack of nutrients.

2. These attractants included by-products, which are terrible for animals, regardless of what you are led to believe. By-products consist of what’s remaining from a harvest such as the stems, roots, and shells, etc. which can be difficult to digest, hard for their bodies to absorb, and contain very little nutrients.

3. NONE contained EVERY SINGLE MINERAL required for maximum antler growth!

Most deer attractants on the market provide either protein or minerals, not both. Furthermore, most products are either attractants or supplements, not both. NUTKASE is all of the above. It is an attractant and supplement that provides both protein and minerals necessary for maximum antler growth throughout a deer's lifetime.

What sets NUTKASE apart from competitors is the fact that our product is 100% healthy for game animals, easy to digest, and easy to absorb due to the nutrients being a natural food source. Every ingredient in our product grows on American soil! Finally, our product doesn't just attract deer. It attracts a variety of game animals, including turkey!

What Are The 11 Minerals Required For Antler Growth?












What's Our Secret?

Pumpkin Seeds
Fresh Runner Beans
Wheat Field




Whole Grains

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