Former Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Becomes Law Enforcement Officer

As many of you may know, the band Five Finger Death Punch has publicly affirmed their support for law enforcement. Recently, they released the song “When the Seasons Change”, which was dedicated to those that serve as police officers and is about loyalty in the face of adversity. While they continue to voice their support for our police, a former band member decided to become one.

Former drummer Jeremy Spencer was sworn into the Rockport (Ind.) Police Department, fulfilling his dream of serving his community outside of music. Spencer became the drummer of Five Finger Death Punch in 2005 but decided that he wanted to pursue other opportunities in 2018. That opportunity would lead him to become a sworn LEO.

“You just see the impact that they have on everyone’s life. It’s so important”, Spencer said, referencing police officers. Although Spencer’s career change comes as a shock to some FFDP fans, it is only part-time for the time being. He travels often due to his continued participation in the music industry.

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