The Media, the First Amendment, and Twisted Narratives: How to End the War on Police

We’ve all seen it; we scroll through our Facebook newsfeed and stumble on a headline that reads, “Police Kill Unarmed Black Man”. We open the article to find a body cam video of a black male charging police and subsequently being gunned down for what appears to be no apparent reason. Our blood pressure rises, and anger ensues.

The media insists that law enforcement officers are targeting minority communities and that the present video is more proof that black men are disproportionately killed by police than any other race in America.

The community, infuriated by the seemingly unjustified shooting of yet another unarmed black male, initiates a riot in the streets. Violence against law enforcement is encouraged and rage replaces logical thinking. Less than 24 hours later, we discover that the body cam video was cut and edited by the news analyst and that the officer, just seconds prior to what was incorporated and observed in the article, was in a fight for his or her life. However, the damage has been done. Chaos has already erupted in the community and only time will ease the fury.

So, why is no one held accountable for the deliberate and obvious misleading of the community? The media hides behind the First Amendment of the Constitution, which gives them the ability to report stories of their choosing, regardless of how truthful those stories may be. Although ethics committees will argue that morality is paramount in the media, we all know that is false.

Misleading media stories have led to increased violence against law enforcement and a lack of respect for authority. Accountability is no longer accepted, and the media encourages people to place blame on other variables other than the root cause of the issue; the actions of the individual. A lack of respect for authority coupled with a refusal to be held accountable leads to a dangerous, entitled mindset. The result of this immoral behavior, which causes civil unrest and community chaos, demonstrated by the media has become known as “the war on police”.

While it may seem as though there is no end in sight to the consistent and unprovoked attacks on law enforcement on behalf of the media, a solution does exist. When journalists begin going to prison due to twisted narratives that lead to violence, the immoral behavior will cease. Very few limitations are placed on media outlets, which allows them to publish stories that have obvious agendas.

Of course, the media would argue that targeting the First Amendment is “dangerous” and “an overreach” by the government. However, this argument would be irrelevant due to the fact that the same mainstream media consistently argues that more gun laws are necessary to curb gun violence.

If the mainstream media were honest, outlets would publish articles that referenced legitimate statistics, which are contradictory to their current narrative; a narrative that insists on black Americans being disproportionately killed by law enforcement officers in comparison to other ethnic groups. They would publish articles that stated in 2018, more White Americans were killed by police than Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native Americans combined.

If the mainstream media were honest, they would report that 93% of all black homicide victims were killed by black suspects and that that 84% of all white homicide victims were killed by white suspects. They would report that each year, approximately 60 million Americans report having a face-to-face interaction with a law enforcement officer and that less than 1,000 are killed by police, with the overwhelming majority being justified. If the mainstream media were honest, racial division wouldn’t be as prevalent in American society.

The solution is simple. When media journalists are held accountable for immoral behavior and sent to prison for inciting violence, the dishonest and misleading behavior will stop. A better way to say it would be this; if politicians attacked the First Amendment as much as they attack the Second Amendment, the dishonesty and immoral behavior wouldn’t be so persistent.

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