In a market where game attractants consist of mineral salt, flavored powder, and brown sugar, very few offer little benefit to the animal and even fewer attract more than just one species of wild game.  At Dogs of War Outdoors, we have developed a 100% all natural, organic, and completely healthy product that contains both an attractive aroma and beneficial ingredients.  According to a recent University of Georgia study, there are 11 prominent nutrients that deer need to achieve full antler potential.  NUTKASE has all 11!  Furthermore, we have numerous testimonials in support of our product with photos including deer, turkey, and raccoons, among others! Whether you purchase one 4 pound bag to bring in that stubborn long beard or purchase 40 pounds to supplement your deer herd, our product will provide just what you need.


Most game animals lack the necessary nutrients required to reach their full potential and most game attractants on the market do not provide them.  Nutrients such phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, potassium, barium, iron, zinc, strontium, manganese, and among many others are essential to antler, beard, fur, hoof, and claw development.  Our product contains all of the above mentioned, along with others.  Because we believe in ethical practices among hunters, nothing in our product is factory made.  Everything is produced on the land and beneficial to the animal.  Finally, it is important to remind you of our overall mission, which is combatting PTSD among our nation's veterans and first responders.  As a result, like all of our products, 10% of all revenue goes to the Dogs of War Foundation.  Thank you for your support!

NUTKASE Game Supplement and Attractant