Dogs of War Outdoors First Annual Salute Shoot


Dogs of War Outdoors is an organization that was built on passion and infinite gratitude toward our nation’s heroes.  America’s first responders and veterans have selflessly placed themselves in between chaos and the sovereignty of our great nation with many continuing their service each and every day.  They do this with low wages and very few resources but maintain a desire to protect their communities and homeland.  It is no secret that many of these warriors struggle with a malady that continues to evolve; post-traumatic stress disorder.  Although our understanding of the disorder has grown throughout the years, treatment is difficult due to the unique symptoms associated with each individual.  It is not uncommon for practitioners to issue countless prescriptions, which tend to lead to greater problems such as substance abuse and addiction.  We believe our nation’s heroes need camaraderie and Mother Nature to help combat the stressors associated with their past.  At Dogs of War Outdoors, we provide the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility provided by the great outdoors.  We take veterans and first responders on outdoor adventures, which offer the perfect medicine for those that are struggling.  Whether that adventure be a turkey hunt, or a night spent around a campfire, regardless, camaraderie and tranquility are achieved.  Until recently, our founder and president, Byron Davis, provided these opportunities by working extra jobs to support his passion of helping our nation’s warriors.  As time progressed, he decided to let America help grow his organization.  In 2018, we accomplished our greatest goal yet by receiving our 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.  While this accomplishment is humbling, our story has only just begun.  On June 29th, 2020, Dogs of War Outdoors will be hosting our first annual Salute Shoot at Nashville Gun Club to raise money for Dogs of War Foundation.  The day will consist of great food, music, a silent auction, and of course, skeet shooting.  There will be a total of 30 teams and each team will be sponsored by an organization.  The teams will consist of 4 shooters from that sponsoring organization and a veteran or first responder will be placed with each team.  This allows those organizations to demonstrate their appreciation for our nation’s heroes.  If you want to support your nation's warriors, the registration form is below.  Each year, more veterans and first responders take their own lives as compared to those killed while serving their nation or community.  Our goal is to completely eliminate veteran and first responder suicide and our mission will remain unfulfilled until we do.  Those men and women are assets to our country and with your help, we can make a difference.

Salute Shoot Registration